Railway Transport

Rail transport is one of the oldest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly tools for freight transportation Transportation costs up to 30% compared with road transport

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Air Transport

The fastest way to transport cargo. Deliver door-to-door cargo in more than 150 countries.

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Sea Transport

The cheapest mode of transport for long-distances. It takes longer than by truck, but we can transport a much larger amount of cargo

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Full truck load (FTL) transportation

Full truck load means maximum adaptation to your needs. Wide choice of trucks means we can choose the most appropriate vehicle for each particular order. Meeting your expectations is important to us

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LESS THAN TRUCKLOAD (LTL) transportation

It is an effective and ECONOMICAL cargo transport service. It is especially fit for small cargos. Since the LTL way uses available load space optimally, we can offer you the best price

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Temperature-controlled cargo haulage

Are you looking for how to transport your temperature-controlled cargo? We will find the most appropriate option for you and offer vehicles with a strict temperature control

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ADR cargo haulage

Especially strict requirements apply for the dangerous cargo and hazardous material cargo transport. Each and every our vehicle is adapted to such cargo to the maximum, and our drivers are experienced and aware of all of the requirements

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Oversized cargo haulage

Du you need to transport massive objects? Have you got no idea who to contact with? Contact us! Reliable transportation of oversized cargo. We successfully transport even the most massive items and items of a specific shape from point A to point B

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Multimodal and intermodal transportation

When sole way of haulage is not enough or you need to transport a vehicle, the Multimodal and intermodal transportation is what you need

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Warehousing services

Storage is as important as transportation for us. Our storage space matches the strictest requirements, ensures the temperature-control, and flawless order. Effective technologies and specifically adjusted storage space for each and every type of cargo. That is what trustworthy storage service should be. Your cargo is kept safe and orderly!

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Customs clearance services

We offer the customs clearance services thus helping to save time and prevent misunderstandings. All information on the required documents and procedures, and assistance in the case of questions and issues. Professional representation

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Cargo insurance

We know how important the safety of your cargo is. Thus, we offer the reliable cargo insurance. It is the optimal solution to ensure an effective protection and fluent compensation of damages in the case of an accident. We cooperate with reliable insurance companies only.

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